We're Exotique Femme


At Exotique Femme, the purpose has always been to foster and celebrate both, confidence and empowerment in women. At the core, we believe that every female body is beautiful, and has its own unique aura, however, sadly, most of the time it is unrealized and unclaimed. Lingerie has proven to play a significant role for uncountable women around the world to discover and claim ownership of their bodies and unleash the goddess within them. 

The Exotique Femme store was envisioned to create an online playroom that opened the door to healthy fluidity, sexual expression, proud indulgence, and celebrating the raw and untamed female body.

We encourage not only the fashion but also the desire to sexually express yourself. Our ethos revolves around helping you tap into the explosive sexual desire and energy within you, and unleash it through the medium of fashion and artistic expression. Our curation is aimed at allowing you to embrace the raw sexiness within you and exude confidence in sexual expression like never before. 

Our customers' happiness and self-growth drives us to better our services and expand our merchandising. Everyday, the team at Exotique Femme, a female led team, is poised to be working on the goal of inspiring and helping women around the world to love themselves and their bodies. 

Sometimes, exploration requires a little nudge, and we hope that visiting our store is enough. There is a queen waiting to be awakened so don't be shy for a little adventure. You are one-of-a-kind and we hope to make sure you understand that. Stay sexy, fierce and never settle for anything less.


Team Exotique Femme

Email: hello@exotiquefemme.com

Phone number: +17787160932

Address: 13308 Central Ave, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. V3T 0M4